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History, Vision, Growth

Golden Home Real Estate Agencies in Athens provide real estate services to individuals and professionals for the immediate search for home, business and land.

Real Estate Agencies Athens | GOLDEN HOME
Real Estate Agencies Athens | GOLDEN HOME
Real Estate Agencies Athens | GOLDEN HOME
Real Estate Agencies Athens | GOLDEN HOME

GOLDEN HOME Real Estate was established in early 2011, with the aim to revamp the real estate market in Greece. Its founder, Nikos Galatis, had formed Greece’s largest real estate network in the previous decade, following a successful career as top executive in banking and insurance.


The new company was based on three simple yet solid principles: constant training, transparency and teamwork. Executives from the field of real estate as well as from other sectors were guided by these principles to create the most talented and active real estate group, known for its exemplary service and solid results.

The Golden Home team continuously strives to get the best results for all clients, regardless of market fluctuations. Thanks to its innovative operating system, it boasts an impressive expansion, having become a leading firm in the Greek market with seven branches in Attica and many more coming soon throughout Greece, via franchising. The development of the market has led the company to create a special group for commercial properties (GOLDEN HOME Commercial), staffed with the most experienced consultants in commercial real estate buildings in the Greek market.


Another sector, GOLDEN HOME Holidays, supports short-term holiday home rentals all over Greece, aiming to cater to a rising market that is sure to absorb a significant share of incoming tourism. A total of 23 sales teams, numbering over 450 of the most experienced realtors, serve hundreds of customers daily. A large, constantly expanding property portfolio covers the greatest range of market requirements.

GOLDEN HOME’s founder and executives are constantly working with the next business step in mind. Thanks to its firm principles and infinite creativity, the GOLDEN HOME brand is soon to develop further, through a dynamic franchise program in major cities and tourist destinations.


The real estate market demands top service and shall shortly enjoy it throughout Greece, thanks to new GOLDEN HOME offices, a unique electronic management system, well-trained staff as well as state-of-the-art technology. This effort is marked by a big smile from our customers, following every transaction.

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